How to make a brand? The fun marketing behind the hot emoji faucet has to be understood!Today's headlines

Canyinjie / 2021-09-28
How to make a brand? The fun marketing behind the hot emoji faucet has to be understood!

The video of "Early Man Taming the Faucet" has been circulating on the Internet. The hidden "funny attribute" of the faucet is really not to be underestimated. On the point of laughter. The editor can't help but sigh that contemporary young people's ability to discover happiness is so powerful.

How to make a brand? The fun marketing behind the hot emoji faucet has to be understood!(图1)

Good-looking skins are the same, and interesting souls are one in a thousand. This has become a universal truth in the young circle, so the brand also racked their brains to attract consumers' attention in a fun way.


Brands have their own unique tricks

Interpret brand value with fun marketing

Grasping the minds of young people is the consensus of industry marketing. After all, who can hold the hearts of young people is equivalent to accumulating a super-high traffic foundation for the brand. When young people are keen on funny things, they will unite themselves with fun. It has become the goal of the brand's efforts.

 1. The "king" of fun marketing: rainbow candy

Skittles relied on its brainstorming communication strategy and once reached the top as the No. 1 non-chocolate confectionery brand in the United States. Although it is just a small candy, it can sell 33 billion in annual sales and become a fun marketing." King".

Almost every creative advertisement of Skittles is unexpected, light-hearted, humorous, exaggerated, and nonsensical style. Adhering to the brand purpose of "Unexpected Fun", it takes fun and fun as its own duty to live out the brand's wonderful rainbow world. There is a "skittle candy experiment" that goes out of the circle: an empty plate, a glass of water, and a packet of skittles can easily make a rainbow.

 2. Fancy play stalks are a lot of fun

Fancy play stalks can quickly set off a wave on the Internet, trigger the participation of the whole people, and make consumers impressed in the unknowingly joyful atmosphere. From the earliest "囧", "ridiculous", "Your mother called you home for dinner" "In recent years, "True Fragrance", "Big Trotter", "Duck Duck", "Worker Hit", etc., are all created by young people who are active on the Internet.

Homophonic stalks, hotspot stalks, identity stalks...are emerging in endlessly, and they have become the target of the brand. When the "first cup of milk tea in autumn" became popular on the Internet, hi tea, book also burned grass and so on began to take advantage of the trend. Sales have continued to skyrocket. Since then, major industries have also started to take advantage of hot words, deriving "Autumn's first bowl of snail noodles", "Winter's first hot pot"... Similar topics have attracted super-popular attention.

 3. Emoticons full of connotation

Young people tend to use emojis to interact in group chats. When they see emojis they like, they will have a sense of identity with "comrades in the same way", such as "Ge Youtan", "Yao Mingxiao", "Su Daqiang" and so on. The emoticon pack is the best proof of being out of the circle.

Pepsi has also incorporated emoji pack elements into its packaging, and also released a short video about marriage proposal with emoji emojis. 70 emoji emojis that are not repetitive, appearing in 100 markets around the world, a way of communication without words, in society Spread quickly.


How does fun marketing capture the minds of users?

Nowadays, people's life pressure is getting more and more serious. In their spare time, they tend to use pleasant and relaxing elements to help them release their stress and reduce their mood.

Interesting entertainment content, which is both funny and simple, does not hurt the brain. It can help people divert attention, gain happiness, temporarily forget the troubles of life, and appropriately liberate them in a stressful life.

How to make a brand? The fun marketing behind the hot emoji faucet has to be understood!(图2)How to make a brand? The fun marketing behind the hot emoji faucet has to be understood!(图3)

Not only that happiness is contagious, but this is mainly because people are willing to share the happy things they encounter. It turns out that public sharing is generally only for people around them. Nowadays, the rise of major social channels provides more convenience and scope. If the big sharing platform finds happiness, take photos and upload them in time, and the whole network will also form a wave of dissemination.

This is mainly because social occasions need to have this kind of funny element. In this circle, most of them are like-minded people who can get the same joy in the first time. Therefore, the joy of public sharing continues to increase, not only links. More interesting companions also have the motivation to discover happiness.

In the best-selling book "Golden Advertising: The Most Profitable Copywriting Manual in History", author Drew Erik Whitman said: "The failure of many advertising lies in self-confession of wishful thinking, but consumers never care about you. They only care about themselves". Therefore, a good strategy for brands to enter the minds of users is to understand user needs. Only by accurately understanding user needs can it be possible to create products that users love.


How can fun marketing help brands increase their voice?

Interesting content can quickly poke the smiles and points of interest of young users, not only can bring good publicity effects to the brand, but also give the brand a fun and interesting image.

 1. Get closer to the user

Fun marketing has a fast communication method, which can successfully shorten the distance between the brand and consumers, and even integrate into the young consumer group.

Netease Youdao has injected interesting emotional connotations into the cold products through the fun sand sculpture advertisement of "Don't get angry with aerobics", vividly helping parents, allowing children to learn in happiness, successfully communicating the distance between brands and users, and winning parents' opinions. The trust of the product enhances user stickiness and brand loyalty.

 2. Grab the user's attention

Combining fun marketing can help brands grab users' attention in fierce competition. After the users' attention is obtained, subsequent marketing actions can also be effectively carried out.

Some time ago, 999 Ganmaoling launched a sand sculpture short film of "Relieving Difficulties in 2021", borrowing classic film and television plots, characters, and interpreting the actor's nonsensical fun. The unexpected plot was finally reversed and it was shocking, which once triggered public discussion. The boom, based on this popularity, the brand has achieved the purpose of attracting the attention of the audience.

 3. Deepen the brand's rejuvenation image

In an era where advertising is not sand sculpture and marketing is not good, fun marketing is sweeping the interest circle of young people, gaining the love of young people, and the brand rejuvenation strategy can also be realized.

How to make a brand? The fun marketing behind the hot emoji faucet has to be understood!(图4)

Not to be outdone, the century-old brand Lao Ganma played the ghost animal advertisement of "Unscrew Godmother", which caused the audience to laugh. At the same time, he was infected by the slogan of "Unscrew the Godmother" in the plot, and came with young people. Dial in-depth communication.

There is also Wangwang, who is good at using exaggeration, launched a humorous short film "The Family That Can't Withstand Picking "Beans". The plot setting is very sandy and amusing, and various gods are reversed, so as to highlight the selling point of Wangwang's "true fragrance", which is fun and interesting. Creativity has attracted a lot of momentum for the brand.


In the era of consumption upgrade, users pay more attention to the added value of the brand. The same brands and products in the market can no longer attract the attention of consumers. Fresh and interesting experiences are rare things at the moment, and ease and pleasure are the common needs of people for cognition of information.

Satisfying the essential needs of human nature, playing with young users, the effect of brand marketing will be twice the result with half the effort.