It is difficult for a star restaurant to produce a "star", what is the crux of it?Today's headlines

Canyinjie / 2021-09-28
It is difficult for a star restaurant to produce a "star", what is the crux of it?

It opened hot, ridden with negatives, and disappeared. It has almost become the "universal path" for celebrity restaurants.

Stars go further and further on the road of opening restaurants. However, looking at the endless star restaurants, why the vast majority of them can't escape the curse of "disputes" and "closures"? Why do celebrities opening restaurants seem to have a higher failure rate than ordinary people?



Star restaurant with flowing water

Please pay attention to “leeks” when star restaurants appear.

When the traffic became the object of "cutting leeks" by celebrity restaurants, celebrity restaurants were put on a "negative" label for a while, just like "net celebrity restaurants".

In our lives, many of us have made leeks in star restaurants; even if we have been cut many times, we still take the initiative to make leeks in star restaurants. The star effect has become the fundamental reason why people "willingly" become leeks.

When cutting leeks becomes a routine operation, the "leeks" are also divided into two camps.

It is difficult for a star restaurant to produce a "star", what is the crux of it?(图1)

1. Consumers

Celebrity restaurants generally cut the leeks for fans, that is, attract fans and ordinary consumers to shop for consumption through celebrity effects.

Han Han co-founded the restaurant, I am very happy to meet you. In terms of the decoration tone, transparent full-length windows, brown tables and chairs, long chandeliers, retro tiled floors, the strong and fresh literary atmosphere seems to coincide with Han Han's own temperament. When the movie "Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves" directed by Han Han was broadcast, the restaurant literally caught a wave of hot spots through posters and interaction.

Such restaurants are very attractive to fans. During the initial period of opening, I am very happy to meet your restaurant standing in line; the lively scene brought by the "queuing" promotes the rapid development of the restaurant. On October 1, 2014, I am very happy to meet you and 6 stores open together; in 2015, I am very happy to meet you and expand in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Taiyuan, Tangshan and other places at the same time. There are even three lines. city.

But after only two years of popularity, in 2016, I am very happy to meet you, and it has frequently become a hot topic of public opinion due to issues such as arrears of employee wages, health and safety, and unlicensed operations. A wave of large-scale store closures followed, and many netizens ridiculed this. They are very happy to meet you and never see you again.

The same goes for Meng Fei's small noodles. Meng Fei’s Xiaomian is a brand created by the host Meng Fei in 2014. On the opening day, celebrities from cultural and sports circles such as Guo Degang, Huang Jianxiang, Huang Han, etc. came to join in to show their celebrity effect to the extreme. At that time, there were media reports that Meng Fei’s small noodles increased traffic by 50,000 people a day to the mall where they were located, and customers lined up from the first floor to the third floor. The grand occasion was evident. But the good times did not last long. A large number of netizens complained that Meng Fei's face was "too expensive". In the face of cost-effectiveness, the star effect was quickly defeated. During the same period, the emergence of a large number of fake stores was also one of the reasons for the decline of Meng Fei's small noodles.

Recently, some media reported that Meng Fei's small noodles "restarted". This time, it is "down to earth" and "tastes better." Whether Meng Fei's small noodles can "justify their name" remains to be verified.

2. Entrepreneurs

Star restaurants cut the leeks for fans, and it is the same reason that ordinary restaurants are desperately building themselves into Internet celebrity restaurants. In an era when traffic is king, it is understandable that celebrities cut their fans' leeks. However, under the banner of celebrities, using celebrities' influence to cut the leeks of entrepreneurs is another nature.

Recently, the tea industry has exploded in succession. Among them, Cha Zhilan was on the hot search because of the involved amount of 700 million yuan. After Cha Zhilan, the tea anchor was exposed to 700 franchisees crying blood complaints. The reason why Cha Zhilan and the tea anchor set off such a big public opinion storm is also related to the celebrity spokesperson behind it. How high-profile the behavior of using celebrity fame to build brand potential was, nowadays public opinion is backlashed.

Quick recruitment companies ask celebrities to do endorsements and cheat franchisees. This is nothing new in the catering industry. In addition to brand endorsements for Kuaizhao, there are also star restaurants that directly "outsource" to third-party catering organizations, including Kuaizhao companies. The lack of a fundamental understanding of brands or outsourcing companies has led to quick recruitment companies to "cut leek" tools, many celebrities are also victims, but facing entrepreneurs who lose their fortune, these celebrities do not deserve sympathy.


Under the halo, it’s hard to be famous

Under the aura, it is difficult to be famous. This is a common problem in celebrity restaurants, and it is also one of the main reasons why celebrity restaurants quickly fail once they are exposed to problems. When a restaurant becomes a place for celebrities to monetize traffic, it determines the nature of their consumers.

The star restaurant first attracted two major consumer groups:

It is difficult for a star restaurant to produce a "star", what is the crux of it?(图2)

One is the group of cheap star fans.

Checking in celebrity restaurants is the same as buying celebrity endorsements and merchandise, which is a low-cost way for fans to chase celebrities. Unlike ordinary dining consumption, star-chasing consumption is not a daily consumption. At the beginning of the opening of the star restaurant, some fans may come here without hesitation, just to take a photo under the poster of their ido, or to get a chance to meet an idol. For them, the significance of punching in is far greater than dining, so this type of consumption is generally a one-time consumption.

The second is a group with herd and curiosity.

Ordinary consumers are driven by herd and curiosity to experience celebrity restaurants, and some restaurants will check in celebrity restaurants or Internet celebrity restaurants as a sense of ritual of life. Compared with ordinary restaurants, consumers have higher expectations for star restaurants. Once the experience does not match the expectations, it is difficult to form continuous consumption.

With its own traffic, you can "fly into the sky" almost without going through a "dormant period". This is the advantage and disadvantage of star restaurants. Under the celebrity effect, in addition to the increase in consumer expectations, many defects in products and services are also easily magnified and even spread infinitely. This makes it difficult for many celebrity restaurants to become famous. The entire operation process is like a tide, and it is surging. , When I go there is also fast.


Why is the star restaurant "closing fast"?

Being supported by traffic, we must first learn to respect traffic. This logic applies not only to celebrity restaurants, but also to various forms of Internet celebrity restaurants.

At present, there are many Internet celebrity restaurants, and many new brands have set the goal of creating Internet celebrity restaurants at the beginning of their establishment. Like a star restaurant, the more traffic, the more plump wings and feathers are needed. Otherwise, water can carry and overturn the boat. A few days ago, Mr. He Jiu talked about celebrity restaurants in his video account, and summed up the three major reasons why celebrity restaurants are "closed quickly". Internet celebrity restaurants should also take a warning.

1. Excessive reliance on star effect

Teacher He Jiu mentioned that many celebrities do not understand catering operations and can't help but use the fan effect to attract consumption. This can only last for a period of time. Once the heat is over, the turnover at the time will be maintained.

The Huangliang Yimeng hot pot restaurant, opened in partnership with Meng Fei and Huang Lei, was established in 2017 and began to sell in 2018. The title of "Huang Xiaochu" and the potential of fans of two celebrities still did not bring up this hot pot restaurant.

2. Cost-effectiveness is generally low

Most star restaurants are positioned in the mid-to-high end, and their prices are generally higher. This will lose the mid-to-low-end consumer groups, even fans do not necessarily have the strength to consume every day.

Jay Chou has opened many restaurants one after another, such as Italian, Chinese, Taiwanese, and music restaurants. None of them escaped the complaint about "expensive".

3. The nature of "playing tickets"

Stars opening restaurants are just a sideline business. Most of them have a playful mentality or hobbies. The success or failure of catering is not that important to them.

Feng Xiaogang’s Gone or Not Tea Restaurant was established in 1999. Thanks to Feng Xiaogang’s fame and the IP of the movie “Gone or Not”, the restaurant was still closed and closed in 2003. It owed money to the vegetable vendor and was caught in a lawsuit by the media. Report.

In the era of rational consumption, it is better to show that Xingxing consumes his own favorability rather than showing that Xingxing has cut off fans' leeks. After celebrity creation, celebrity management, and celebrity endorsement restaurants have successive incidents, people will eventually become more rational about celebrity effects. Under this background, the celebrity’s attracting value and the ability of celebrity fans to monetize will decline to a certain extent. .

Fans look forward to the better application of celebrity resources in the catering industry. At the same time, the catering industry also needs innovation to stimulate the diversified development of the industry. In the future, I hope celebrity restaurants can truly rectify their names!