Behind Naxue & Hey Tea Explosive Oil Orange and Yellow Peel, is the "imitation" circle of the new teToday's headlines

Canyinjie / 2021-09-29
Behind Naxue & Hey Tea Explosive Oil Orange and Yellow Peel, is the "imitation" circle of the new te

The yellow skin fire is out of the circle, this is another niche fruit that has brought fire to the new tea after the tangerine.

Yellow peel is a niche fruit that doesn't even have a "big name". It is mainly produced in Maoming and Yunfu, Guangdong Province. As a fruit, the taste of the yellow peel is not sweet, similar to the way of eating a pipa, with a bitter taste in the sweet and sour, and even a little spicy and pungent. It is precisely because of this that yellow peel has a distinct taste recognition, and it is a "limited" fruit for many people in the south from snacks to big summer.

Behind Naxue & Hey Tea Explosive Oil Orange and Yellow Peel, is the "imitation" circle of the new te(图1)

Before the introduction of new tea drinks with yellow peel, most northerners had never heard of yellow peel. Yellow peel, like oil orange, has obvious regional and seasonal characteristics, but why does the new tea drink continue to anchor these niche fruits?


The popular journey of oil orange and yellow peel

In March of this year, Naixue's tea launched a fruit tea drink-domineering jade oil mandarin. How domineering jade oil orange fire is? The search box of Xiaohongshu shows that there are 5100+ notes, and the notes about oil oranges have soared to 10,000+ articles; Weibo topics about domineering jade oil oranges often have tens of millions. Level reading volume; B station and Douyin’s UP owners are scrambling to evaluate the domineering jade oil mandarin... Centering on the taste and “effects” of the domineering jade oil mandarin, it has also derived “oil tangerine oil and fat reduction” and “3 seconds micro Astringent, 5 seconds back to Gan" and other sub-topics, in short, how can a word "fire". The domineering jade oil tangerine quickly became another big hit for Naxue, and its sales climbed to the first place in the store in April.

Behind Naxue & Hey Tea Explosive Oil Orange and Yellow Peel, is the "imitation" circle of the new te(图2)

Following Naixue’s tea, another leading brand, Hey Tea, also launched oil tangerine products, and launched the "double-pressed starfruit nectarine", "double-pressed olive oil tangerine", "king oil tangerine", and "super Four types of "Nongwang Juyou Tangerine" tea drinks. Since then, oil tangerines have also ushered in a big price increase in the context of short supply. According to local fruit farmers, the highest value of oil tangerines, which was only 2 yuan per catty in previous years, has risen to more than ten yuan this year, and even sold for 40 yuan per catty at the highest.

In fact, the use of oily citrus in beverages started early market education in Chaoshan and Shenzhen. Searching for oil orange juice on the e-commerce platform, you can see that a variety of pre-made oil orange drinks are on sale, among them, there are many beverages that are well-known in Chaoshan. When the price of oil tangerine supply increased, some oil tangerine beverage manufacturers also reported that their production was affected. Dongpeng Beverage, a long-established brand in Shenzhen, also combined oil orange and lemon tea in 2019 to launch "you orange lemon tea". It can be seen that although oil tangerines are small, the acceptance of oil tangerines as drinks is not low in the southern region.

Compared with oil tangerine, yellow peel has more obvious regional characteristics. You can still enter the north through logistics, but the yellow peel can only be "limited" in the south because of its very thin skin and short shelf life. The two yellow skin drinks launched by Hey Tea and Succulent Huangpi Xianlu have also been designated as "Special Offer in the South". Even so, Hey Tea adopts the whole cold chain when introducing yellow peel, and the fruit is changed within 3 days to ensure the fresh taste of the drink.

The yellow skin of the "Southern Special Offer" was also on a hot search for this. A poll on "Have friends in the north ever eaten the "yellow peel" fruit?" It attracted 2.5 netizens to vote. Among them, 18,000 netizens who "have not eaten" it. "99% of northerners have never heard of it"; "the happiness that northerners don't understand", Huangpihuo hit the hot search, and 310 million people witnessed this big discussion about "the difference between northern and southern fruits".

Behind Naxue & Hey Tea Explosive Oil Orange and Yellow Peel, is the "imitation" circle of the new te(图3)

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New tea drinks have an "imitation circle"

Behind the collective anxiety of product innovation

After Naxue's "Domineering Yuyou Tangerine", Hey Tea launched four new products in one breath, so "without any surprises" it attracted a scolding voice: "Hey Tea's "tea of inspiration" From Nayuki?"; "Hey tea follows the wind Nayue?"; "The'righteous' Hey tea?"...

Like the madness of the oil citrus wind, the "yellow skin wind" also came violently and fiercely. In addition to Hey Tea, brands such as Beneficial Hetang, Lele Tea, and Taigai successively launched new yellow skin products. For a while, there were voices on the Internet worrying about the price increase of yellow skin like oil oranges.

In fact, the new tea industry has always had an "imitation circle". The same-line brands imitate each other, and sometimes they don’t hesitate to give up their reputations to stick to the light of new explosives; second-line brands follow the trend of first-line brands, and new product trends of top brands lead the industry. Trends; retail stores are "mixed", they follow the trend, and what drinks are the most popular. New tea drinks have always been an industry in which products are easily copied and copied. On the e-commerce platform, the explosive recipes of Heycha and Nayuki were packaged and sold with links. Many single stores hardly need any R&D costs. They just find the right raw materials based on the explosive products, and adjust the ratio of the combination to become a new product. Sometimes, it can even achieve the effect of "better than blue" in taste. Such an environment always forces major tea brands to innovate continuously, and only continuous innovation can maintain brand vitality.

Therefore, the pressure for product innovation of new tea brands comes from two major aspects:

The first is from the competition. It has become the norm for the new tea industry to catch up with the competition in product innovation. Most of the time, there is no one who imitates, but whose innovation provides the whole industry. Ideas and inspiration.

The second is derived from the characteristics of the industry itself. A large number of imitators are pushing the brand forward behind them, waiting to be buried by copycats if they do not continue to innovate. This is the cruelty of the tea industry, and it is also a part of the rapid progress and iteration of the tea industry. Great power.

In the beverage sector, Heytea will launch 43 new products in 2020. Nayuki's tea prospectus shows that Nayuki will launch new products almost once a week. In terms of the new frequency, the two leading brands Heycha and Nayuki's tea Comparable. The frequency of new products coming out every week also reflects the intensification of new product wars in the new tea industry. This is also the main reason why new tea drinks frequently anchor niche fruits. In addition to the topicality of the niche fruits themselves, the new tea brand prefers to be "regional limited" and "seasonal limited", and would rather do it in the face of an unstable supply chain. What is reflected in the back is that the new tea brand is targeting products. The collective anxiety of innovation.


Current status of new tea

On one side is fierce battle, on the other side is chicken blood

When the new tea industry enters the product war as a whole, it actually means that the industry has entered a period of development and precipitation from the initial stage. From the first year of new tea drinks in 2015 or 2016 to the present, only five or six years have passed, and the development of new tea drinks is not unpleasant.

According to the data from the company's investigation, there are 306,300 tea and beverage related enterprises in my country in 2020, and there are only 50,000 in 2017. The tea industry is developing rapidly at a speed that is “visible to the naked eye”. In line with the growth rate of the tea industry, there is also a continuous trend of store closures. According to iiMedia’s data, only 18.8% of tea shops have been operating continuously for more than one year, which means that most of the tea drinks The store was reduced to "cannon fodder" in the competition.

Amidst the bad news of "ten stores and nine passes", the top brands are still advancing all the way, and together they have created a prosperous new tea industry. A few days ago, Naixue’s tea was listed and officially became the first share of new tea drinks; Hey Tea is going to conduct a new round of financing, with a financing valuation of 60 billion yuan; Aunt Shanghai has also completed a new round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan, and Only 8 months have passed since the last round of financing...

The new tea and beverage industry has become an extremely “contradictory” category in the catering industry. On the one hand, under the fierce competition, the industry’s red sea characteristics have been fully revealed; on the other hand, capital and leading brands have been continuously scoring into the blood, stimulating entrepreneurs to still be ranked. The team swarmed into the track. Such a tea industry, of course, is still releasing various opportunities, but the elimination rate under the opportunities is bound to continue to rise. Therefore, it requires major brands and entrepreneurs to invest more resources such as creativity and capital. , In order to be invincible or stand out from the competition.

Perfume lemon, oil orange, yellow peel... In the future, more niche fruits will join the team. Niche fruits provide another direction for new tea innovation, but the natural attributes of niche fruits also make innovation more difficult. At present, it seems that several top brands are still taking the lead in seizing new explosive products, which also verifies that the head effect of new tea drinks has been highlighted from the side. The fiercer the competition among top brands is, the more room for newcomers or other brands to grow, and the more difficult it is.

Finally, I have to say that the new tea industry, which focuses on product innovation, is indeed worth looking forward to.